The Governor of the Central Bank honours the new Parliamentary Speaker with a luncheon banquette


Blend the wisdom of the elderly and avidness of the youth in your leadership, he says

The Governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland, Ali Abdillahi Dahir, honored the lunch ceremony over the week for the new Chairman of the House of Representatives, Yasin Haji Mohamud Hir (Faraton).

The ceremony was attended by several cabinet ministers, members of the parliament, such as the director general Mohamed Qasim Hussein of the Central bank and senior staff, Somaliland government ministers and traditional leaders such as Sultan Ina Barre and other eminent personalities.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Engineer Ali Abdillahi Dahir, who was the host prayed for the new Speaker to be able to handle diligently the onerous task bestowed upon him.

Noting that he was a well learned veteran politician, he said that as a voice of reason at the apex of the parliament, the new Speaker should be able to blend the wisdom od the elder and the avidness of the youth to steer the national assembly to higher heights in its national endeavours.

The religious and endowment minister Hon. Abdiqadir Albani wished Hon. Faraton the best in his leadership of the parliament.

He said that he was happy that he hails from the same region the new elected Speaker comes from.

Heb stated that Faraton is a veteran politician and the House of Representatives needed his leadership.

MP Barkhad Batun spoke at length and vouched for the fact the MPs will support the Speaker’s leadership and will always be behind him in steering the level of the assembly even higher.

In the end, the new Chairman of the House of Representatives, Yasin Haji Mohamud (Faraton), pledged to work for the good of the nation and forge for cohesion and solidarity for the way forward.




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