Ban-awl pasturelands is now open to pastoralists


By M.A. Egge

The Ban-awl pasturelands have now been opened for grazing by the authorities.

The governor of Togdeer region, Mohamed Abdillahi Ibrahim and the commander of the police department of Togdeer region were at hand to make the declaration hence allow pastoralists to rotationally graze their livestock in the area.

They urged herdsmen to share freely and equitably the pasturelands without qualms.

Pasturelands are usually corded off owing to semi-arid handicaps that inhibit growth of pastures due to low rainfall hence managing them hence eases tasks of grazing of livestock and their owners.

It is supposed to be communal lands where none claims ownership hence ward off incidences.

The Coordinator of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in Togdher Region, Syed Haybe and the Director of the Ministry of Environment in Burao, Mohamed Ismail, have continuously reported on the importance of this project for the pastoral community, and called on the pastoral community living in the region and the areas around it to benefit from that project for management of seasonal grazing.

The Ban-Awl pasture was closed for the last three months of this year, for stocking the grass needed by the herdsmen, to be seasonally used.

On the other hand, the authorities of Togdeer region thanked the Ministry of Environmental Development and Climate Change in Somaliland for the effort they put into the Ban-Awl fields and took several months.



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