Dahabshiil Group Chairman Participates in IGAD Meeting Held in Djibouti


The chairman of Dahabshiil Group Mr. Abdirashid Dua’le attended the IGAD meeting in Djibouti. He also met with top government officials from the organization.

Dahabshiil chairman revealed the economic impact the war in Sudan has caused in the Horn of Africa. He stated the war in Sudan was causing problems for financial institutions.

He said “We have many Somalis who live in Sudan. We also have offices and many branches I’m different areas of the country. The war in Sudan has hit us severely. Many of our branches are closed and most of our employees have immigrated from the war zone.”

He told the IGAD head of states the impact the war in Sudan has had on financial institutions. He requested urgent aid for Sudanese refugees scattered around the borders of neighbouring countries.

The Dahabshiil chairman also welcomed the free movement of people and goods between Kenya and Djibouti.

He stated, “The deal between Kenya and Djibouti will bring economic growth to both countries and ease the movement of people and goods.”


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