WEERANE Book about Somaliland Youths Role in Struggle for Independence Launched


A book titled Weerane has been unveiled in Hargeisa. The historical novel was written by Mr. Mohamed Baruud. The highly anticipated event was graced by top government officials and cream of Somaliland society.

Speaking to the audience the author of Weerane revealed the important role the youths played to remove the late despot of Somalia Colonel Mohamed Siad Barre.

He reminisced that some members in the audience were lucky to be alive today, as many of their comrades were killed by Siad Barre regime.

The book gives historical information and evidence of the killing of youths by the said barre regime during a stone throwing protest in Hargeisa.

Many students of Hargeisa schools came out to demonstrate against the high handedness of the dictatorial government of Colonel Siad Barre. The Somalia government responded with maximum force; they shot students with live ammunition, many lost their lives while others were maimed for life.

The regime of Colonel Siad Barre, went berserk, and ruthlessly suppressed the youths through mass arrests.

This move infuriated Somaliland National Movement (SNM) fighters who increased their guerrilla warfare against the dictator until his ouster in 1991.

Notable dignitaries present at the book launch included opposition chief Mr. Abdirahman abdillahi Irro and Hargeisa Cultural Centre chairman Mr. Jama Musa Jama.



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