Deputy Information minister opens crucial workshop for journalists in the country


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information Hon. Said Hassan Habane opened a crucial proficiency training workshop for journalists from all regions of the country focused on responsible reporting on sensitive or controversial issues.

The processes of interviewing the members of the public and reporting in critical situations is the main course at the workshop.

It has been jointly organized by the SOLJA and UNSOM.

Various officials who spoke at the meeting emphasized the importance of the journalist to follow ethics and be sensitive on controversial issues hence be responsibly diligent.

The chairman of SOLJA Mr. Sakariye Ahmed Muhamed said that the training is a sequel to the one that journalists undertook at the end of December 2022 which was related to reporting on conflict situations and on critical times.

Anna Maria, the head of UNSOM’s Communication Strategy Office expounded on impacts of information flow as it reaches the consumers (members of the public) hence one ought to weigh its explosive potential.

Charles Muwunga, the Acting Head of the United Nations Office of UNSOM said that the training came from the good work collectively done back in December last year.

On his part Hon. Said Hassan Habane urged the participants to apply the acquired knowledge to their work.

“Whenever a person wants to build knowledge in the work he is doing, the service he provides will be useful for himself and the society,” he said, adding, “Knowledge is lost every time you corrupt an item hence shows the gap in you’, he observed.

He praised the UNSOM organization for facilitating the education of journalists in the country.


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