Education minister re-establishes ties with Saudi university


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Education and Science of Somaliland Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Diriye (Toorno) Who was on a  trip and has since returned from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, held a meeting with Saudi institution of higher learning to re-establish ties with Somaliland.

The minister had a meeting with the leaders of the Technology University of Saudi Arabia on how Somaliland and Saudi Arabia could cooperate in the field of education.

Both parties are reported to have pledged to continue ties and effect the implementation of a past agreement on the education cooperation.

Following an agreement back in 2020 of such a cooperation between the institution and Somaliland education department, the project never took off owing to the global COVID epidemic.

The Minister, accompanied by the Arab Affairs Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Ahmed Sharif.

It is expected that the University of Technology in Saudi Arabia will soon be sending a delegation to Somaliland,

The implementation of the accord would greatly boost technological educational needs whose skills are direly needed in the country.


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