Military solution as an option in addressing Las Anod crisis may be inevitable, says MP Timojili’


By M.A. Egge

Lawmaker Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim Timojili’ observes that the issue of Las Anod is inevitable to end with a military solution.

The MP said that the nation has made every painstaking effort to find a peaceful solution to this issue but the allied fighting groups in Las Anod have made every move to the contrary and pursued the invasion of Somaliland.

He reflected, “The country is our country and the people are our people, so I believe that as a nation we all support and opt for peaceful overtures to  address crises and as for the Las Anod one we have made a lot of tolerance”, and continued, “but when quagmire persists and push comes to shove, military option as a solution is therefore, ultimately inevitable”.

He however said when it comes to military aspects it was a matter that concerns and was better left to the military chiefs.



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