Las Anod: State reports on IDPs aided through emergency relief supplies


By M.A. Egge

The government has said that various emergency  relief support have been provided to the internally displaced people of Lasa Anod in numerous locations.

The Ministry of National Planning has released a report on the number of displaced people that the government and charitable organizations has so far have assisted.

The report of the Ministry of Planning read as follows:-

Number of new IDPs

On February 23, 230 displaced families arrived in the city of Burao, who were displaced from the city of Las Anod.

On February 29, 909 newly displaced families arrived in seven locations namely; Kulaal, Boadacade, Dib-Barah, Karin Caro, Jiidali and Awr-boogais in Sanaag region.

Initial count; 24566 families at 66 locations,

Present count; 25705 families at 73 locations,

Difference: 1139 families at 7 locations.

Support for Las Anod Displacement.

  • The assistance provided by the organizations has been so far, with the help of the organizations, the Government of Somaliland and the local people.
  • The Disaster Prevention and Food Reserve Agency (NADFOR) and International NG Organizations have provided various assistance to 9,534 families in 17 locations in Sool, Sanaag and Buhoodle, which have seen assistance of relief supplies being distributed including water, monies for subsistence food and other basic necessities including clothing.

A system has also been created to facilitate the coordination mechanism to further deliver aid to the displaced people from Las anod, and to be easily informed about networking for ease of dispensing.


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