UCID chair Eng. Feisal appeals for the defense of national integrity


Somaliland should mobilize nationally and join hands to help our brave soldiers, he says

BY M.A. Egge

The chairman of the UCID party Eng Faysal Ali Warabe has virulently chided the drums of war beaten by what he termed as G21 whom he said are bent on resuscitating the former Siad Barre regime; an attempt he said was in futility.

He said that the G21 were bitter that Somaliland reasserted their sovereignty, an aspiration that the barre regime failed to forcefully curtail.

He appealed for the nation to rally together and both fend and ward off aggression against the integral territorial rights of Somaliland’s nationhood.

In a press conference held on Sunday at the headquarters of the UCID party, Eng Faisal sent a strong message to the gathering clan militias invaders in Las Anod and told them that the historical record of the National Army is self-explicit.

“We are sorry for the civilians who died in the war between the Somaliland army and the forces that invaded Lasanod,” said Eng Faisal.

He said that this instigated war is intended to remove Somaliland from the world map, and it was planned and worked upon by the former president of Somalia, Farmajo, during his time in power.

“This plan has a high notch committee based on ethnicity, called G21, which includes former Prime Ministers Abdiweli Gas, Omar Abdirashid, former President Farmajo, and Farah Ma’alin, a Kenyan MP”, he said.

Chairman Faysal, narrated that the plan to attack our country was prepared in advance hence charged that the plans of sending recruits to be trained in Eritrea troops were part of it.

“Somaliland is one of the African countries that gained independence in 1960, such as Kenya, Tanzania, the three Somali countries of Somaliland, Djibouti and Somalia are three countries that are known Africa and have international borders, and no one can obliterate them. Siad Barre tried to prevent the SNM’s mission to reclaim the nation following perpetrated genocide, he failed, and now the G21 will not succeed.”

Eng Faisal says that the ethnic drum is being played to destroy Somaliland.

“You are threatening in the name of Mogadishu, taking weapons from Mogadishu, you will not be in peace. You are making Somalis fight everywhere they live for this war will be extensive”.

Eng Faysal called on the people of Somaliland to mobilize themselves nationally in defense of their country.

“The people of Somaliland should organize nationally and join hands to help our brave soldiers”, he said.

“And we are telling the people who are coming from Majerteniya, Bosaso, the Somali state of Ethiopia, Kismayo etc who render the peoples asunder that they will not find a place where we have been defeated in by them in history, because we do offend nor oppress the people, and today God will favor us, God willing”, he said.

“The crime against the people of Somaliland is because of bringing down the Barre regime. There is nothing as Sool, Sanaag and Ain state. The country belongs to all. We want to defend the issue of Somaliland with a national council, to destroy these perpetrated and organized lies that has been spread at home and abroad”, said the visibly angry UCID leader.

Eng Faisal called on the intellectuals amongst the people of Lasanod not to be misled.

“Every house wails when a person from Lascanod dies, and it is similar in Burao or Hargeisa. We are a family born from one another, from father to father, don’t let them move you, and let your country be destroyed”, he said.


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