The UNSC should allow Somaliland to have its own representative in the UN


 Somalia is a foe whose accusations are untenable     

I was surprised by the report given at the UN Security Council by the Somali ambassador of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to the UN, where the ambassador made statements that did not reflect the reality in the Lasaanod region.

The report provided by the ambassador was unfortunate propaganda, and it is a shame that the government of Somalia provides information to the UN security council, which is hostile to the Somaliland Republic, a de facto state. FGS has no right to present the report nor get involved in Somaliland affairs.

Somaliland republic is independent and is not part of the federal government of Somalia. Somalia is not responsible for Somaliland, and it is not entitled to act as a Somaliland representative. So, I do not understand why Somalia’s ambassador was allowed to speak about Somaliland issues.

I recommend the UN security council invite Somaliland’s representatives to the USA, so that the UN can hear the real facts and history on their side hence get the right information related Lasanod crisis.

The government of Somaliland has already accused the federal government forces of being part of the war in Lasaanod and is aligned with the militias and various armed groups that have been fighting in the city of Lasanod. The international community knows that Somaliland and Somalia are two independent states that have political and territorial disputes that have not yet been resolved.

It is unfortunate that the ambassador never mentioned and did not condemn that AL Shabaab terrorist group that is fighting in that area as stated by the government of the Republic of Somaliland and some of the international community.

In Lasanod, there are traditional leaders who do not represent the people of their community as a whole, but only represent their sub-clans. Somali traditional leaders are usually for managing peace, instilling patriotism, and fostering peace, but instead of that, it seems that the traditional leaders of Lasanood are busy engaged with civil wars and chaos that cause insecurity and a hostile environment in the region.

It is a fact that the report given by the ambassador to the UN security council was fabricated and far from the actual situation, exaggerated and not based on the reality in the area of Lasanood and the whole of Sool region.

Reality is that the  Traditional leaders from Lasanood gathered in Jigjiga city of Somali region of the federal state of Ethiopia where they declared war against the Republic of Somaliland in order to weaken the government institutions, which was intended to harm the reputation of Somaliland so that it can depict to the American which established a relation with Somaliland republic in recent times government a misrepresentation; and also to disrupt the military exercise that the United States and other 20 nations are to hold in the Republic of Somaliland’s coast.

There have been extensive plans recently carried out by the group called Peace and Life (Nabad iyo Nolol) led by the former Somalia president Mr. Farmajo planned to illegally return to power of the federal government in Somalia. Mr. Farmajo organizes and catalyzes his clanmates residing in the eastern regions of Somaliland including Lasanood town. First of all this group, desires to take over Lasanod and other districts in the Sool region, their aim being to establish military bases and enclaves as launching pads so as to invade and conquer by force both Somaliland and Somalia so that they can once again succeed in becoming leaders of  the so-called greater Somalia.

The violence in Lasanood erupted after a politician named Hadrawi was killed in Lasanood town in the Sool region. After that, the people in the area started a violent protest against the government of Somaliland, accusing it of not being able to provide protection to citizens in Lascanod.

At the end of January 2023, the Sool Garaads (Clan traditional leaders)  gathered in a meeting to discuss the interests and safety of the Sool region. Some angry traditional leaders from Lasanood have called for the militia from the clan to fight and liberate themselves from the Somaliland army based in Lasanood.

In February 2023, the militia of the traditional leaders of Lasanod called SSC and other terrorist groups launched an offensive against the Somaliland national army base in Lasanod town, where both sides suffered losses including injuries and deaths. In the period after that, the forces of the tribal militias were carrying out continuous attacks, while the Somaliland forces remained in their basis in Lasanod and only fighting   back as a defense mechanism, fending off attacks.

Immediately after the Somaliland government announced a unilateral ceasefire, it became ineffective because it was rejected and opposed by the Sool traditional leaders and the organized local militia forces, which always accused the Somaliland government of launching the attacks.

The ceasefire was violated constantly by their side. and imposed unrealistic pre-conditions by the traditional leaders and the local militia commander called the SSC, demanded that Somaliland should withdraw its troops from Lasanood town before starting the dialogue. The Somaliland government rejected this and confirmed that the army is in their territory and they have a national mission and it is not possible for them to leave. It seems that the two sides have two very different opinions and positions.

Recommendations on ending Lasanood crisis:

  1. First of all, I am calling on both sides to remain calm and restrain themselves and stop the violence and cooperate to cease the hostilities, start negotiation efforts, and create a peaceful environment.
  2. To mediate between the government of Somaliland and the people of Lasanod and encourage the warmonger Sultans and commanders of the army to accept the dialogue that has been called for by the Somaliland government repeatedly. To put aside any differences between them and sit down together at the discussion table to debate in a civilized and peaceful manner in order to find a suitable solution.
  3. That Somaliland and the federal government of Somalia start the dialogue to discuss how the two countries would separate and become two independent neighboring states living in peace and harmony with mutual respect and brotherhood.
  4. That the international community review the issues related to the Somaliland case and recognize Somaliland as an independent state
  5. That the international community to acknowledge that there is a lot of conflict between Somaliland and Somalia, and that it is appropriate that the international community remain neutral and not choose sides in the conflict.

Somaliland government has already confirmed there are troops from the federal government of Somalia who participating in the conflict and who are fighting on the rebel side in the town of Lasanood for obvious reasons.

  1. International community to provide emergency aid and humanitarian assistance to the people of the Sool region who have been affected by the war in Las Anood.
  2. The UN security council to allow Somaliland to have an observer representative in the UN, whether temporarily so that the UN gets timely factual information concerning Somaliland and be able to have accuracy in monitoring the situation.

Abdi Abdillahi Hassan,

Horn of Africa Political Analyst


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