International intelligence sources has confirmed the President’s statement that Al-Shabaab is involved in Lasanood


Intelligence sources shed light on a number of Al-Shabaab presence terrorists in Lasanood

International intelligence has concurred that Al-Shabaab is involved in the violence in Lasanod, and has affirmed the statement that President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi said on January 30 that international terrorist cells are behind the insurgency problem of Lasanood.

Mr. Rashid Abdi, a senior expert who analyzes issues in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf, said Somaliland’s statement is not just a claim, but the intelligence agencies operating in the Horn of Africa now consider it as reliable information.

The Kenya-based expert on security, military, geopolitics and conflict research at the Sahan Agency said a classified intelligence report obtained electronically shows a link between the headquarters of Al Shabaab in Lower Juba and the Al Shabaab group fighting in Lasaanood.

Al-Shabaab is said to have sent 150 of its fighters to Dulbahante to join the SSC units gathered in Buhoodle. 500 members of SSC-Al Shabaab forces have been sent to the front line, he said.

Consultant Rashid posting on his Twitter account on Wednesday and Thursday 8-9 February 2023, noted that the names of Al-Shabaab individuals in the intelligence information include Abdi Madobe, Mowlid Leyloni, Farah Mohamud Jama are believed to be the coordinators of their plan. .

“Al-Shabaab is now involved in the violence in Lasanod. That is no longer a claim of Somaliland. The intelligence agencies operating in the Corner now consider the information credible”, he noted.

The expert praised the work of the Somaliland Intelligence Service and described it as one of the best in the Horn.

“Somaliland intelligence is the best in the Horn of Africa. A few years ago, Somaliland intelligence led an international operation that foiled major attacks”, he said.

He continued, “On February 8, 2023, a statement from Al Shabaab discussed the need to join the jihad of “Sool, Sanaag and Ayn”. They called government of Somaliland called them Crusaders ‘apostates’.

Mr. Rashid added that he saw detailed intelligence information about the violence and the fighting in Lasaanood.

“When Somaliland says we are fighting international terrorism, it has a good reason to say so”, he observed, and advised further, “The world should listen carefully to what Somaliland has to say.”

This intelligence by the expert is a clear indication to the statement of President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi told the nation and the world on January 30 that the problem of Lasanod is perpetuated by international terrorism.


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