Foreign Minister Confirms Brazen Terrorist Attacks on Somaliland Military in Las Anod


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. Dr.Issa Keyd Mohamud has unequivocally confirmed the attack on Somaliland military installation in Sool region.

Speaking to BBC Focus on Africa programme the foreign minister revealed that terrorists and affiliate militias coming from outside the country have brazenly attacked the Somaliland army in their bases in Las Anod in unprovoked attacks.

The minister also stated that several buildings housing some cabinet ministers were attacked by the terrorist militants.

He said there were reports of fatalities on both sides.

The minister said that the government had allowed the traditional elders to hold a meeting in the town, and ordered the military to go to the outskirts of Las Anod town.

Minister Issa Keyd Mohamud stated that the government instructed the military to leave the town to allow mediation efforts to continue.

He refuted claims by the Mayor of Las Anod that there was any indiscriminate killing of civilians by government forces.

The minister revealed to the BBC that Alshabab militants were wrecking havoc in Las Anod and have been shelling the military.

He told the BBC reporter that most of the images on the internet have been photo-shopped to portray the government of Somaliland in a bad light.

Minister Issa Keyd informed BBC focus on Africa about the capture of Alshabab militants and others from Puntland. He stated the government would parade them for the world to see.

He went on to say that the terror cells were taking advantage of local tensions to sow discord and propaganda against the government.

The minister of foreign affairs said that the people of Sool are Somaliland nationals and the government will ensure their safety.



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