Organized groups politicized the Lasanod issue to destabilize Somaliland’s stability


The government has blamed some members of the international community and organizations for hurriedly responding to false allegations purported to disrupt the stability of Somaliland in the city of Lasanood in the Sool region.
In a press release, yesterday afternoon issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the international community, was said that the allegations made about the situation in Lasanood are completely false;


The Government of the Republic of Somaliland categorically rejects all claims and false accusations regarding the current situation in Las anod, the capital city of Somaliand’s Sool region. The critical situation of Las’anod has become highly politicized and continues to be exploited by organized groups in the region who are actively working to destabilize the Republic of Somaliland, and the Horn of Africa.

It is a great disappointment that members of the international community, including international organizations, have chosen to respond to false information concocted and weaponized by terrorist militia in regard to the Las’anod issue. By conveying and reacting to unverified misinformation, international entities have encouraged radicals to continue spreading inciting misinformation about Somaliland despite the country’s three-decade-long track record for peace and democracy. This misinformation, spread through fake videos and images taken from the Yemen war, portrays the Somaliland government as an aggressor when in fact, the Government has taken all necessary precautions to restore peace and stability in Las anod.

The Somaliland government has continued to provide all basic necessities such as food, water and health equipment including medicine for the people who remain in Las’anod which is currently Occupied by a terrorist militia linked to international terrorist organizations, A-Shabaab, and Puntland Security Forces. Furthermore, the Somaliland government strongly rejects the baseless allegations that claim Somaliland’s national security forces have obstructed humanitarian assistance to Las anod as this completely contradicts the national principles, values and dignity of the Republic of Somaliland. In fact, following the unprovoked and unjustified attacks by militia on Somaliland military barracks in Las’anod on February 6, 2023, the Somaliland Government has been involved in multiple aid initiatives to provide support to Somaliland citizens affected by the tensions in Las anod,

The Somaliland government is committed to its responsibility to take action and firmly stand against terrorist groups to protect the safety of Somaliland citizens within its territorial borders. During this critical time, members of the international community are advised to refrain from endorsing unsubstantiated misinformation that utterly distorts the current realities in Las anod and further fuels current tensions.

Finally, the Somaliland government emphasizes the necessity of the international community and its strategic partners to join in combating terrorism and extremism, which pose significant threats to Somaliland and the regions security, stability, and democratization.

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