The key to prosperity is peaceful stability, reiterates Minister Kahin


-The National Army is not a tribe but a national institution, says Defense Minister

-The people are related and have co-existed for 8 centuries, says Hon. Koore

By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed has stated that the key to prosperity is peaceful stability.

Hon. Kahin gave the sentiments on the auspicious occasion of the 29th Anniversary of the founding of Somaliland National Armed Forces celebrated annually every 2nd of February which was held for the first time in Lasanood in Sool region.

While recalling the destruction and sinking of the former country called Somalia, he gave a recap of Somaliland’s re-assertion of her independence that had to re-emerge from ruins through concerted efforts of its intellectuals, the elders and the wisdom of Somaliland’s culture, which led to the country’s recovery.

“The elders and intellectuals of the Sool community were the co-hosts of the gathering of the Somaliland community, and they took leading roles in the deliberations that took place”, said the minister.

Minister Kahin highlighted the history of the pioneers of the Sool community such as Garad Abdiqani, Fagade, Baashe Ali Jama, etc hence noted that the Dulbahante community was consulted and also gave impactful advisories and directions.

He cautioned that the people who bore the brunt in incidences are only those vulnerable women and children whereas perpetrators have their own cushioned abroad from casualties.

“The day Somaliland was reconciled, Garad Abdiqani reigned supreme, and today the son of Garad Ali is perpetrating conflict and instability”, he observed.

Defense Minister Hon. Abdiqani Mohamud Aateeye (Farid) who spoke on the occasion said that the Somaliland Army is not a tribe, but a National Army that includes all of Somaliland.

Hon. Abdiqani said that the reasons for the anarchic protests in Lasanood were to obstruct the registration of voters exercise to disenfranchise the people.

“It was predicted that two hundred thousand would register, but only a few people registered”, said the Defense Minister.

He lamented that the skirmishes had brought normal life to a halt and forces the students not to attend schools bringing untold suffering to the residents.

Minister of Information Hon. Suleiman Ali Koore said that the people of the area had also roots in Hargeisa and are interrelated.

Hon. Koore reminded the audience the history of the nation of Somaliland noting that the people have been together for eight centuries inter-marrying and living together while sharing livelihood together.

He said that they have always had their kinship, coexistence, sharing of drinking water and pastures, and had their fair share of both good and bad times.

He recalled the magnificent history of the Dervishes that is also enshrined in the constitution as a monumental legacy left for the nation.

On the same note, concerning the more recent history of the re-assertion of the country’s sovereignty, Minister Koore said that many representatives of the Sool community were present at the Burao convention meeting, the most noteworthy being Garad Abdiqani, Garad Jama, Garad Salebaan, Garad Mohamed amongst others.

“The independence of Somaliland was signed by many people, including Garad Abdiqani, Chief Ahmed Hirsi and Aw Dahir. They were all in it.”

He said that there may be differences of opinion and that the position of the government is to deliberate on the differences.

“On behalf of the President, the government is ready to discuss any concerns, in any place and at any time”, he said.


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