Police department to step up public rapport in bid to step up efficiency according to research findings


By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland National Police Services Command was presented with a research study on how to improve the relationship between the police and the citizens of the country at a forum on Thursday.

This is in essence for the Police department to step up public rapport in bid to step up efficiency.

The research, which was carried out by experts from the police force presented yesterday morning at the general command of the police force headquarters.

The Chief of Police Major General Mohamed Aden Saqadi (Dabagale) was present with the findings of the research related on how to strengthen the cooperation between the police and the community, given that the police has to be perceived as a friend and servant of the members of the public.

He praised the experts who made the research for a job well done.

The experts said that it was agreed that the relationship between the community and the police would be mutually fruitful and that each official should play a prominent role.

The findings focused on the need for diligence and to forge swift dispensation of daily duties and services to the community and the people at the basic police stations.

It also calls for accountability geared towards proficiency acumen hence facilitating assessment and evaluation to prop up good governance as per management articulation and thereby acknowledge top performers and stations.


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