New Director General appointed Ministry of Finance takes over the helm


The Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire presided over on Saturday the change of guard at the helm from the former Director General Mohamed Abdi Gurhan to the new Director General Mohamed Hussein Mu’adin.

The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank, various government officials and other guests.

The director of the Department of Human Resources, Mohamed Ahmed Weirah, who spoke at the meeting, said that the former director was a very talented, hard-working and honest person and wished I will pray for him wherever he goes he wished him well.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Eng. Ali Abdilahi Dahir, who spoke about it, said that the former director was a hardworking man who did a lot of work in the ministry and brought him to a good place.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Hon. Rooda Jama Elmi, said that the former director was a man with a good personality, honest, and an initiator of change for the better.

The chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Mr. Khalid Jama Kodah, stated that he worked with both the two directors and they are hard workers with good personalities.

Former Director General Mohamed Abdi Gurhan who spoke about the things that happened during his four years in office said that the Ministry of Finance consists of 14 departments and has 122 offices throughout the country.

Mr. Gurhan added that the total number of the ministry’s staff is two thousand two hundred and fifty-five official employees work in the Ministry of Finance

The new Director General of the Ministry of Financial Development, Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mua’din), said that he has been in the public service for the last 41 years and has experience.

Minister of Finance Dr Saad Ali shire, thanked and lauded the former director general, and welcomed the new director general.

Dr. Saad praised the work of the former director general and described him as an honest man, and wished the new director general success in his position.


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