United States and Somaliland Partnership Act awaiting President Biden’s signature


The Bill on Somaliland and the United States Partnership Act has just sailed through and have been approved by the Senate on Friday and is awaiting President Biden’s signature in the coming days, to be enacted into law.

The bill, which was drafted by Rep. Jim Risch, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Elders (Senate), and which was previously approved by the Congress states that the United States should explore all the important relations that can be had with Somaliland.

The Somaliland and United States Partnership Act also stipulates that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must report annually to Congress on US aid to Somaliland.

By the strength of the Act, the Departments of State and Defense are instructed by the law to submit to the parliament within six months the possibility of establishing a partnership between the United States and Somaliland, including opportunities for cooperation in regional security issues.


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