Approved Political Organizations Issues Certificates for Contention Eligibility


The Committee for Registration of new Political Organizations and Approval of National Parties on Saturday 3rd December gave certificates to 10 new political organizations who are eligible to contend for political party elections as per the constitution.

The Chairman of the Registration Committee Mr. Said Mohamed Elmi who spoke at the event commended leaders of the new organizations and stated they were people who emerged from tough and competitive elections.

He praised them for their cooperation during the period of vetting, which was a heavy responsibility.

“Until the day when the three parties come out and given the Certificate, our cooperation will continue…”, he said.

He added that they are now starting new processes of orientating the new organizations on building their structural and office procedures.

The chairmen of the new organizations who spoke at the meeting praised the work done by the committee.

“From now on, we are preparing to participate in the elections of the three national parties that the country will have…”, said the Chairman of the Barwaqo Political Association, Dr Mohamed Abdi Gabose.



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