Water issue is not one to be politicized, says Hargeisa Water Agency chief


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa Water Agency Manager, Mr. Mohamed Ali Darood said that water is a basic public service that has nothing to do with politics and is completely free from it.

He gave the sentiments as he was briefing the Permanent Standing Committee of the Upper House of Parliament, the Guurti on Wednesday.

He recalled that upon being appointed to the post the Head of State himself cautioned him to safeguard the non-politicization aspect policy of water supplies and development.

The water manager who was accompanied by officials gave briefs on the general situation of water in Hargeisa, who are currently implementing major water supplies project in the city. and their future plans.

Manager Mohamed noted that the first phase of the expansion of the water supply was inaugurated on October 10, 2022, and the city’s water supply operations are underway, with the completion of the second phase of the operation being underway.

He appealed benevolent charitable people or institutions to eke in on the efforts given that it was a just humanitarian cause since water is a foundation of life.

He reminded those who pledged 0.5m USD to support the cause to fulfill, however pointing out that some have already contributed.

Retorting to a query the water chief was quite vivid that water related issues are not to be politicized at any one time.

He pointed out that the government and the community were steadfast in safeguarding the under-water resource to manageable levels.

“As a government and as a nation, we have a system to protect groundwater,” said Manager Mohamed.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee, Hon. Dayib thanked him and his team for the briefing.


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