The VP graces Berbera Marines Institute graduation


-He also inaugurates extension buildings for Pharo Secondary School

By M.A. Egge

The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saili’i) was the guest of honour gracing the graduation ceremony of the Berbera Institute of University of Maritime and Fisheries Sciences in Berbera who completed their initial degrees.

The VP on Wednesday observed the importance of the University of Maritime Sciences in Berbera and lauded the students it produces, whose skills are direly needed in the country.

He noted that the government’s duty is to promote knowledge and support the country’s universities, saying that the state will do its duty to support the institutions of higher learning and education as a whole nation-wide.

He noted that in collaboration with the Berbera county council and the port authority they do support the institute.

While talking about the importance of Berbera University of Maritime Sciences for the nation and the need for the students it has produced he pointed out that, “When I talk about this university, it is the only university in the country where this discipline is taught. It has produced students whose knowledge we have a great need for hence the institute needs investing in”.

Meanwhile the VP inaugurated new sections that have been added to Pharo school, formerly the SOS High School in Sheikh Town for girls.

While speaking at the function he expressed his happiness to participate in the inauguration of the buildings added to the Pharo Secondary School, girls section.

“I am happy to attend this event. This school had a great history in Somaliland and as the government and the people, we are grateful to the SOS Foundation for bringing back the history of the SOS school. I am also grateful to the Pharo Foundation for seeing to it that the distress in this school is alleviated by building for girls this section”.

The Principal of the school Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Bakal indicated that the school was built by the British Government. He said, “This school was built by the British Government  in 1958, seeing the first students enrolled in 1959”.

Both Deputy Minister of Education and Science Hon. Abdihakim Said Bustale and the Governor of the Sahil region Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hashi who addressed the gathering welcomed the addition of this building to the school.



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