Dahabshiil CEO appeals for relief support in concerted efforts by entrepreneurs, IC in the wake of drought


Dahabshiil CEO Abdirashid Duale appealed to the business fraternity and the International Community (IC) to respond in a concerted manner to the drought and aid in addressing the basic dire needs of the affected populaces.

“As the drought worsens in the region, it is high time for the private sector, the diaspora communities, charitable organizations and the international community to come together to address the urgent needs”, Mr. Abdirashid Duale, told VOA radio in an interview on Friday.

The programme was focusing on how aware or sensitive the entrepreneurs were to the effects of climate change.

“Although the public’s ears are not new to hearing about climate change, many people are not aware of its effects, but prolonged drought, socio-economic changes, which have generally affected rural and urban areas are showing signs of being victims of climate change”. He said.

He observed that there is climate change in the world, “and countries and territories that used to have rains are in recent times experiencing drought and hunger, countries that used to have a cold climate has changed hotness”, hence the climate change in Somaliland has a great negative impact.

Mr. Abdirashid said that these issues have affected the lives of the rural and urban areas when it comes to the economy.

The CEO of Dahabshil companies spoke about the role that can be played by businessmen in dealing with the problems of drought, pointing out that “the businessmen in all Somali areas whereby Dahabshil and Somtel companies operate in should participate in the addressing the plights of their community, in any eventualities.

He said that the Dahabshiil company has participated in various relief support efforts during the drought seasons such as water supplies and other needful services.

He said that the people in the diaspora can play their part in helping the poor people who have suffered, reminding the listeners that there are still droughts and floods in the areas, regardless of the regions in question.

He also called on charity organizations and international countries to play a role in helping people in need.





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