Land policy directives to streamline physical planning processes issued


By M.A. Egge

Several land policy directives have been issued by the technical committee for the implementation of National Land Management Policy and Physical Planning with an impact on streamlining the mapping processes applicably.

They also directed that the urban planning of the city of Hargeisa city should be finalized before the end of the year 2022 with a view to implementing the mapping come January 2023.

By thus the Mayor of Hargeisa, Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge is to forward the feasibility study findings on agricultural land mapping that the council had made to the committee.

The directives of the National Design Committee that reached our news desk were as follows:-

“The committee has decided that the drafting of the Hargeisa Master Plan for the city of Hargeisa must be finalized before the end of the year 2022, and the implementation of the master plan of the city of Hargeisa should be followed immediately.

“The committee decided that the mayor of Hargeisa should bring before the national Land Management Policy and Physical Planning Committee the agricultural map of the local government of Hargeisa, whose feasibility has already been done by the council, for its implementation to take effect.

“The committee accepted the request of the mayor of Gabiley district who asked the National Committee to build a road around Gebiley town, which was made by the urban plan of the Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing in Gabiley town in 2019.

The National Planning Commission has prohibited the local governments of the country from signing any agreements with any agencies or institutions nor discussing matters related to urban plans or master plans.

“The committee decided to continue the ban on agricultural planning and the provision of land in cities without an urban plan, such as Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera, until the Ministry of Public Works Land and Housing prepares an urban plan.

“The committee also prohibited the cities’ plans under planning review such as Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera from mapping of mountains, ravines, valleys and hills in those cities; and by extension, it forbidden for other urban centers in the country to adjudicate land settlements of ravines, riverbeds and valleys as per Land Management Act. NO.17

“The committee directs that the Ministry of Communication and Technology should convene a weeklong meeting of the regional governors and the mayors of the districts to have a national plan for the microwave towers that has been haphazardly installed in towns between the cities, with the attendance of the health ministry.

“The committee decided that a 12-m road should be between the “borders” of the two adjacent farms that are less than 10 hectares, and farms that are larger than 10 hectares should be separated by a 20m space, a task that is charged upon the Ministry of Agriculture, the mayors of the districts and the governors of the regions of the country”.


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