Djibouti and Somali Regional State Promised to Work Closely with Somaliland Police


Djibouti police commissioner Colonel Abdirahman Ali Kahin and the deputy police boss of Somali regional State of Ethiopia Brigadier General Ali Abdi Jabir have congratulated Somaliland Police Services for celebrating the 29th anniversary of their founding with. The two police Chiefs promised to cooperate with Somaliland police to strengthen the peace in the greater Horn of Africa.

Djibouti police commissioner requested his Somaliland counterpart to assist in developing their police force.

He stated that the people of Djibouti and Somaliland are brothers and must work together to strengthen the peace and security of both countries. Colonel Abdirahman stressed the importance of peace in national building.

Also addressing the meeting was the deputy police chief of Somali Regional State Brigadier General Ali Abdi Jabiir stated that he had a message for the president of Somaliland and the Somaliland Police commissioner from his boss, the commissioner of police of Somali administered region of Ethiopia, who could not attend the celebration because of work commitment.

He said the people of Somaliland and Ethiopia share a friendly relationship and cooperate in security, economic development and trade.

He said, “I promise to strengthen cooperation with Somaliland police to higher level.”

He apologized to Somaliland commuters for the problems they encountered in the past at police roadblocks in their country, which was detrimental to both sides.

He urged Somaliland people to protect the peace and harmony of the country which is very important for economic development and trade.



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