New political organizations to emerge soon and the three existing parties will have to compete for officialdom as per the constitution, says the President


As he asks the people of Somaliland to cooperate with the police force in their duties

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi said that soon new political organizations will emerge after verifications and together with the three existing political parties they will have to compete in elections to become the official national political parties as required by the constitution.

The President reminded Somalilanders of the forthcoming political parties’ election during the commemoration of the 29th anniversary of the founding of the National Police Force of the Republic of Somaliland.

It is held annually on the 3rd of November.

The Head of State also asked the people of Somaliland to respectfully cooperate with the forces as they go about their duties since they are there to serve the populace and are not their enemies.

The festivities which were held at the headquarters of the Police Force in Hargeisa city also saw the attendance by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Abdirisaaq Khalif Ahmed, the Chief Justice Adan Haji Ali Ahmed, Attorney General Hon. Hassan Ahmed Adan, former Vice President, Hon. Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, commanders of the various arms of the forces of the country, parliamentarians, traditional leaders, politicians, eminent personalities and social groups.

Foreign dignitaries from neighboring countries including the accredited ambassadors from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Taiwan, Turkey and Kenya graced the festival.

Notably the Chiefs of the Police Forces of Djibouti and the Somali Regional Government were present the event.

The President congratulated the police force on the progress they have constantly made for the three decades.

He said, “I pay tribute to all the police force commanders and their families on behalf of the nation for their tireless work and I am asking the people of Somaliland to respectfully cooperate with the forces as they go about their duties since they serve the populace and are not enemies”.

He said that it was a terrifying and illegal action hence a terrible crime for a group to declare in the name of a community that elections would not be held in their backyards if certain conditions are not met.

He called upon traditional leaders to desist from acts that jeopardize nationhood.

He advised them to adhere to their hierarchical obligations of noble tasks and veer away from politics and not muddle in it while noting that politicians are not eternal enemies but concur as per cue.

The President who was talking about the issues of the elections said that they will take place, he said,

“As for the elections, they will be held successively as per the elections commission’s timeline and whoever shuns it and do not participate in it will be on their own volition.



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