Somaliland and EUCAP Cooperate in Maritime Security


The Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed had a meeting with  EU-CAP, delegation which is responsible for the protection of the seas.

The meeting between the two sides that took place at the office of the Minister of Interior was said to have discussed the cooperation and collaboration between the Ministry of Interior and EU-CAP, which had a cooperation agreement between them.

The two sides discussed strengthening the protection of the high seas of the Republic of Somaliland, while the two sides cooperate in the security of the maritime borders.

The EU-CAP delegation was led by Kanneth Neijnes, the Head of the EUCAP Office in Somaliland, Jose Mario, the Deputy of the EUCAP Office, and Mahad Ahmed, the Liaison of EUCAP and Somaliland.

Minister Kahin was accompanied by the Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the Minister’s Advisor on Inter-Agency Relations, Said Yusuf Abdi Said, and the Director of the Gender Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Khalid Ibrahim Omar.



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