Let not Reuters DEMEAN a brand that has been known for over 171 years


Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the world. The agency was established in London in 1851 by the German-born Paul Reuter. It was acquired by the Thomson Corporation of Canada in 2008 and now makes up the media division of Thomson Reuters.

The name and reputation of this organization will be dishonored when they spread the news that is far from the truth.


Yesterday, Reuters broadcasted from the Republic of Somaliland, news related 2-year extension the House of Elders made to the government, so the question is, is there a lack of knowledge when the Chief Editor of Reuters mentions the region as a whole country that consists of 13 regions in Somaliland (forget international recognition)?

secondly, Reuters news about Somaliland lead was mention the name Bosaso?. Where did they get it from? there’s no city, district, or village named Bosaso in the Republic of Somaliland?

Let not Reuters defame a brand that has been known for over 171 years



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