Noradin Schools management awards the top ten students


THT- One of the top private schools in Somaliland has awarded its top performers in the national examination with presents. Noradin Schools which runs a chain of primary and secondary schools in Hargeisa organized a prize-giving ceremony at Noradin Girls High School Hall.

The event was graced by top government officials, religious leaders, parents, Noradin school administrators, teachers and students.

Speaking at the awards ceremony Sheikh Almis Yahye congratulated the students who were selected to receive the awards and thanked their parents for reaping the benefits of their nurturing. He supplicated to Almighty God “I ardently pray to Almighty All-Powerful Allah for these children and their parents that their hard work for bringing up their children through thick and thin is not in vain.”

The cleric also prayed for the teachers who nurtured the students to success in their exams.

Addressing the parents and teachers the Managing Director of Noradin Schools Mr Mahad Ibrahim Mohamed pinpointed the importance of collaborating on good upbringing to nurture the minds of students with the best behavioural ideals.

Noradin Schools proprietor Haji Mahad confirmed that education or knowledge without discipline is useless, hence stressing the necessity of good manners and characters for real and true success in life and the hereafter.

The assistant minister of education Mr Saeed Bustaale congratulated the top students at Noradin Schools and the teachers who moulded them to success.

Finally, the top student Miss Umulkhayr was awarded a set of gold jewellery and a laptop computer (corei5).

By: Guled Abdi Mahir


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