Businessman sponsors reception lounge at Burao Airport


THT- Businessman Jama Adan Karaa’in has reportedly eked in a new reception lounge, addition to Burao Airport.

Businessman Jama Karaa’in’s new addition to the airport, which includes a reception lounge and a courtyard, is said to have wholly donated.

Speaking about the new building and its plans, Burao Airport Manager Abdirizak Nur Arale said they are planning to launch similar flights to Erigavo from Burao, and praised the investment made by businessman Jama Aden Karaa’in to build a passenger terminal.

The construction of the lounge will greatly enhance the services of Burao Airport, which is expected to start functioning soon, and it is worthwhile for the citizens of the country both in the diaspora and abroad, to take part in the construction of their country.

Jama Karaa’in, who has invested heavily in the country, has set up hotels and other businesses in various cities that have created great jobs for many citizens in the country.


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