Taiwan pledged funds for Waheen traders


 “Taiwan will work with countries which share the same ideologies. It will cooperate with Somaliland to rebuild Waheen Market”

THT- The government of Taiwan, has pledged a half a million dollars to government of Somaliland, to aid the business community who lost their livelihood in the Waheen Market fire disaster. This is according to Taiwan external affairs ministry, announcement on a Taiwanese journal Focus Taiwan.


Taiwan ministry of foreign affairs spokeswoman Mrs.Joanne Ou said that her country will play a major role to assist Waheen Market fire victim. She added that Taiwan will offer emergency humanitarian aid to Somaliland.


The bulletin post on Focus Taiwan read: A fierce fire  swept across Waheen Market on 1st April 2022. The disaster consumed properties worth 2 billion dollars, this is about 60% of economy of Hargeisa according to Aljazeera news. The disaster disrupted the lives of thousands of families who depended on the market for their livelihood. The government of Taiwan will donate an immediate humanitarian aid confirmed the external affairs spokeswoman Mrs.Joanne Ou reiterated.


The government of Somaliland thanked Taiwan and revealed it will dispatch the donation to the afflicted fire disaster victims.

The Taiwanese government also stated that it will work closely with other countries which share their aspirations to assist Somaliland recover from the fire disaster informed the spokeswoman Mrs.Joanne Ou.

Somaliland government confirmed that 1000 shops and 4200 stalls were destroyed by the fire inferno at Waheen Market.  Also affected were 17000 people who used to trade in the market.

Somaliland announced its independence from Somalia in 1991 following many years of civil strive. Since the two dozen countries have established diplomatic offices this is according to official Taiwan MOFA official website.

Taiwan established diplomatic relation with Somaliland on 17th August 2020. Somaliland also  


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