NDP leader urged Canada & IC to support affected communal at Somaliland’s Wahen Market fire


Efforts by Ambassador Lul & the Somaliland community have been widely felt in Canada

THT-Leader of Canada’s NDP Hon. Jagmeet Singh pledges support for Hargeisa Fire relief efforts in a meeting with members of Toronto Somaliland Community.

Hon. Singh stated was briefed of what happened in Somaliland, as the market was very important, as he heard his friend former Speaker, about severity of the situation.

“Two issues has come out, one in economic impact. People are unable to work, lost jobs, and a lot impacted the women.

The second issue is on environmental concern.

He reiterated international community has responsibility to help anytime there is a disaster.

“We would figure out and work to how Canada can provide a support the community.” reiterated Hon Singh.

The statement from the NDP Leader in Canada and an earlier call by Canadian MP Chandra Arya for the government to support the rebuilding of the Wahen market came as a result of efforts by Somaliland’s Ambassador to Canada Hon. Lul Osman and the Somaliland community in living in the country, especially in the city of Toronto supporting the rebuilding of the Waheen market and the business community affected.

On the other hand, the Somaliland community in Canada, especially in Toronto, met last night with the aim of raising funds for the reconstruction of Waaheen market.

The meeting, organized by elder Duale Mohamed Hirsi, is appointed a fundraising committee.

Source https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1025617104716003&id=100018031683551&sfnsn=wa


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