Top Djibouti Military Brass & Senior Ethiopia military officials invited to the country


THT-A contingent of top military personnel of Djibouti has landed at Egal International Airport in Hargeisa. The Djiboutian delegation was led by the deputy chief General Tahir Ali Mohamed. They were received by Somaliland military chief General Nuh Tani who was flanked by the police, prison, immigration and navy bosses.


Also welcoming the Djibouti delegation was the Minister of Defence Hon. Abdiqani Mohamud Cateye Fared and the Minister of Employment Hon. Mustafa Ali Bile.

According to reports the Djiboutian military delegation is in the country to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Somaliland Armed Forces, which will be held on 2nd February 2022.

Accompanying the delegation was Somaliland ambassador to Djibouti Mr. Abdifatah Saeed Ahmed and Djibouti’s ambassador to Somaliland Hussein Kawaleyeh.

The visitors were ushered to Egal International Airport VIP lounge, whereby they briefed the press.

Speaking to journalists at the airport, the chief of Somaliland Armed Forces General Nuh had this to say, “I take this precious opportunity to welcome the Djibouti Military Brass led by General Tahir Ali Mohamed. I also acknowledge the commissioner of Police Col Abdillahi Abd, the Republican guards chief Col Mohamed Djama, Air force commander Col Wahib Musa, Navy commander Admiral Wais Omar Bogoreh and Senior Djiboutian military officials has arrive in the country to attend the 28th anniversary of the Somaliland Armed Forces, today.

General Tani said that this shows that the government of Djibouti values the progress Somaliland Armed Forces has made; hence their tour is a good sign of the bilateral relation the two neighbourly countries.

Djibouti and Somaliland share a very special relationship and cooperate in many sectors, from security, economic development and immigration services.

The Deputy Commander of the Djiboutian Armed Forces, General Tahar Ali Mohamed, thanked for the warm welcome and said, “Our visit to Somaliland shows the brotherhood of the two countries, and I offer my congratulations to the officers and troops of the Republic of Somaliland.”

In a related story, the higher official of Ethiopia army has landed in the country to attend the Somaliland Armed Forces 28th anniversary.

Somaliland has nurtured a good relationship towards her neighbour’s over the years. This high level military delegation attests to Somaliland good rapport with all countries.


By: Guled Abdi Mahir


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