Somaliland needs cohesively united nation- Minister Kore


THT-Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore underscored the fact that Somaliland needs a leader who leads a cohesively united nation.

He gave the sentiments at a presentation of achievements of the government in the past year.

He said it was unfortunate to hear unfortunate words from disgruntle quarters at a time when the wider world, including Britain and neighbouring nations, are closely following our case in support of our aspirations.

“Some people are merely distractors”, he said, noting that the information supplied in the presentation were notable performances of the government.

Minister Kore said that many people are unaware of this country’s past.

“While our budget now reaches above 400 million, there was a time it was only a minion”, he said, and added, “we need to build a developed country”.


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