SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community? Amb Prof JHAZBHAY


This essay outlines recent developments in the Horn of Africa with particular focus on the
emerging democratic state of Somaliland. It maps out the key political contours of Somalilandand Somalia. In this respect, the implications of recent developments for the international community and multilateral institutions are analysed. Somaliland has shown extraordinary determination to succeed.

Those governing Somaliland have shown respect for democratic principles, begun to develop natural assets which will strengthen the economy, and rebuilt much of the capital
city. The union with Somalia has proved difficult to say the least, while relations with Kenya, Djibouti and African multilateral organisations remain complex. Yet despite the advances the citizens of Somaliland have made, recognition of Somaliland as a viable independent entity by the international community remains an uncertain hope.



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