“Decision and funds of our elections are all reached here Somaliland.” Pres Bihi.


THT- The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, has sent a message to the people of Somaliland regarding tomorrow’s anticipated to the House of Representatives and the Constituent Assembly, calling on the people to vote peacefully, calling it a historic victory, how we collectively passed safely through the election campaign and the pre-preparations.

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First of all, the President thanked the people of Somaliland and the various national institutions, including the three national parties, for their responsible role in the implementation of this election, and the outgoing members of the House of Representatives, and praised their role of enacting and passing required laws for the election and the hard work they did for their nation during their tenure.

Speaking in detail what Somaliland need to achieve tomorrow’s elections and expected results President Bihi said, “Our election goal isn’t X was elected or Y has failed! But we want to achieve united wisdom and decision, and at every region and every inhabitant and everyone in Somaliland from East to West have a common vision, a common purpose, a united nation, a united development and a united front. How do we get that aim? Example the local government that governs a city is elected by the people and that if anything goes wrong, they can collectively replace. Similarly, The House of Representatives will consist MPs from all six regions, so we will get a unanimous recommendation. When our decision become united, our strength will unite, our unity will increase, there will be no more conflict and suspicion. Consensus will also grow, because the House of Representatives is address and discuss the needs of the country from East to West, from South to North.”

President Muse has announced that all election materials, staff and soldiers guarding have safely reached their polling station throughout the country, and thank God, this shows when all people unite together, God make them easier to reach their aim. He told the public that ambassadors and diplomats from Europe and the United States represent East African countries, and many prominent politicians from around the world, with 31 international observers from all over Africa, who reached Somaliland, have witnessed how Somaliland can safely fund their election alone. “Decision and funds of our elections are all reached here Somaliland. The international community has supported overall cost with just 20%. All these delegates have come to the country to assess Somaliland’s democratic maturity and electoral progress.”


President Muse underlined that the world values ​​us for what we achieve at our hands, and whenever we show confidence and responsibility, certainly everybody   when we conclude our election peacefully, and not quarrel minor mishaps, surely, everybody in the world will come us here. When you feel broad, then other will respect you. Sadly, cities and institutions have taught us to colonize our minds, feel lack of self-confidence, which is syndrome that has ruined much of African people. “If foreign fund payments, foreign troops is useful, would have helped the government in Mogadishu, fed for the last 30 years. If they had consulted on their own, they would have made reached a vital decisions.”

The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, has called on the people of Somaliland and every citizen to take responsibility for the security of their country. “To the young people of Somaliland, I would like to thank you the beautiful way you campaigned, likewise you have vote peacefully, help your elders, help the sick, work with the soldiers and shown your patriotism to your nation. I thank the opposition parties who, even if they were complaining about wrongdoing, had campaigned in a nationalistic and tranquil manner, “said President Bihi.

President Muse said that when the election is over there can be dispute, but victory depends on how we resolve it. The first Parliament of Somaliland were not built with who have largest votes, but honor and dignity, and I appealed to all contenders of the House of Representatives and civic candidates.

“Brothers and sisters, you have reached the political level. You have been given elections, honor, dignity, respect. All victorious candidates are ordained by God, The rest are in a waiting list. If you have any complaint, and not satisfied, submit your complaints as per procedures to the courts?  Otherwise, while pursuing for small interest, you will hurt the national interest. We have never had such a large number of international ambassadors and diplomats in our elections? Why? To witness how we fairly conduct our elections and to have confidence in their outcome all. In this country, men have died prior, and many more have been maimed, even if you have complaint, seek your rights with gently, I pray Allah to bestow Somaliland for a peaceful, prosperous and successfully ending election, Amen.






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