Client care is a priority for the Ministry of Finance” PR Director


THT- Mr Ahmed Muse Mohamud, director of public relations, reiterated that  customer care is their number one priority.

Director Ahmed Speaking at a religious lecture that was held customs staff at Kalabaydh stated we always urge and encourage tax payers to pay taxes during meetings, similarly, request finance staff to deal with care and welcoming manner their customers (Taxpayers).

“Recalling our Customs, the first one was reopened in 1992, we have been working for 27 years, it is time for us to improve a lot.

In today’s world, forcing people and businessman to pay taxes has ended, instead, through consumer care and education have been adopted.

To builds taxpayers’ morale  we need finance staff improve their character and interaction with customers, thus improving public perception of the Ministry of Finance image.
“When a taxpayer is welcomed, he favors to pay his taxes willingly.
The director of public relations advised the staff of the revenue offices to deal well with the taxpayers, who are payers of the budget our nation uses.


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