Hearing impaired girls completed vocational training


THT-Hargeisa- A ceremony was held for female students with hearing impairments who have completed their vocational training in Hinah modelling and advised gain further various types of knowledge.

The event, organized by the Association of the hearing-impaired people, and attended by many dignitaries and officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Education, was held in Hargeisa.

Speaking at the event SODA Association member complained for not getting their share at National Service opportunities like their contemporaries.

Similar event is expected to be held in Borama.

Speaking at the event, member of the Association for the Visually Impaired praised the achievements of the trainees.

Officials from the Ministries of Social Affairs and Education spoke at the event, congratulating the girls for the new skills and promised to meet their needs.

“The Ministry of Social Affairs earlier created Disability department to further their cause, and give equal opportunity to the general public, hence congratulate and urge you to continue your education, pursuing long-term goals and achieving all levels of education,” said an official from the Ministry of Education.

At the end, certificates were awarded to all students.



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