Revenue Departments Bi-annual Meeting


THT-Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire closed the Regional and Districts Inland and Customs assessment for last year’s July-December 2020. The meeting which is held every 6 months, is aimed to assess the performance of the Revenue departments by comparing the revenue estimates of each sector and the actual revenue.


During the meeting, senior officials of the Ministry and regional and district administrators of the Ministry reviewed the achievements of each office during the past six months, the challenges faced, and plans for the next six months.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland was facing the financial crisis of 2020 caused by the global epidemic of Covid-19, but the Ministry overcame it with effort and consultation, saving the Government from a budget deficit.


The Ministry is authorized to prepare the budget, collect revenue and paying government costs, and thank God it has been able to play its key role without incurring expenses loss or debts incurred.

Somaliland is a fledgling republic that has not received full recognition from the rest of the world, it does not receive significant loans and grants but covers small tax levied on the noble people of Somaliland.


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