Somaliland: Abaarso Tech University Reaches New Heights in Joint Workshop with American and Danish Universities


THT-Focusing on affordable housing in the city of Hargeisa, this university from Somaliland aims to create sustainable development models for all its citizens.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) hosted a workshop for the students of Abaarso Tech University, Somaliland, this year on August 3. Focusing specifically on models of housing in the city of Hargeisa – the capital of Somaliland, the student of Abaarso and (SCI-Arc) worked with two other universities to present their findings.

The research was done by students and was coordinated by the faculty from all four universities that participated— SCI-Arc, Abaarso Tech University, The Royal Danish Academy of Arts (KADK), School of Architecture, Design, and Conservation, and the Copenhagen University.

The chief aim of the workshop was to show how small to big changes in the practice of planning – right from detached housing to apartment buildings, for both single-parent families to multi-member families – can promote systemic urban development that is sustainable for all of its residents and the atleast the next few generations. Working in tandem with some of the biggest universities in the world, the students of Abaarso Tech University explored new typology of the various structures and architectures in Hargeisa. With uncontrolled expansion and gentrification happening at a rapid pace, coupled with poor families getting poorer, little access to daily essentials and healthcare, this developmental model presents a massive hindrance to overall social mobility.

Abaarso Tech University students during workshop led by Frederik Emil Seehusen

“There’s a dire need to change the idea of what a “Home” is. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Somaliland,, Denmark or the United States or elsewhere, the core problem is the same. The ideas of family, household, privacy etc have changed dramatically. The research brought together researchers from three different continents along a variety of notions that went into the conclusion on households and housing. All said and done, it was a very productive time for all three universities, especially for Abaarso Tech University whose students learned plenty. January 2021 has more in store for them”, said SCI-Arc Research Associate Masha Hupalo.

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