Somaliland: Police Validates Service Assessment , Moots Five Years Development Plan


THT-Hargeisa – The Somaliland Police Force vowed developing in all police force talents to fulfill their responsibility to protect the people of Somaliland at a TNA Police validation meeting to approve assessment made in the country.

A meeting held last week in Hargeisa attended by senior police officials, had the heads of Training and Operational of Police reviewing the results of the assessment made on levels of qualifications and training of the entire police force in the country.

Police Training chief Colonel Faisal Hiis who spoke at the meeting stated that senior officials tasked had traveled to the country’s regions to assess their qualifications and training of the entire police force in the country.

The training commander added the results of the assessment were prepared from a plan to provide police training for the next five years.

Police Operations head Colonel Ibrahim Haji who addressed the gathering said that discussions is the phase of the assessing the skills capacity of the entire police force.

Colonel Ibrahim said that they would move on to preparing a five-year training plan for the various branches of the police force, including criminal investigation training, terrorism offenses, traffic police training, leadership level etcetera.

By Mohamoud Walaaleeye


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