Somaliland National Human Right Commission hold Panel Discussion on Access to Justice of Women


THT-The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission has held Panel Discussion on Access to Justice of Women to raise public awareness on violence against women and how to stop it.

Director General of the SLNHRC Abdisamad Sa’ad speaking at the meeting said that the purpose of the panel discussion is part of 16-day international campaign against violence against women and vulnerable people and how women can achieve lasting justice.

The director general said he hopes the meeting will result in ways to address the challenges and ensure that everyone, women and the community have their rights.

Director of the Justice Department in the Ministry of Justice Ibrahim Yusuf and Director of the Department of Legal and Human Rights Complaints SLNHRC Raqiya Ibrahim Yusuf shared debate discussion about the topics, as Saxansaxo Newspaper Editor Saleban, was moderating the discussion.

Raqiya Ibrahim stated the topic is how women can get justice, as they are among the most vulnerable, and needs a place where they can get free legal services.

Raqiya added, one of the legal gaps, include earlier issued decree banning rape cases being handled culturally has not reached the legal offices in the eastern regions, and is still being handled in a traditional manner.

National Human Rights Commission Chairman Mohamed Barud officially launched on 26th November the 16-day international campaign of violence against women and vulnerable people.

The campaign will run for 16 days and will feature report reviews, discussions and action plans on violence against women and vulnerable people.

By Mohamoud Walaaleye


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