Ministry of Telecommunications issues New Rules Regulating Digital Television


THT- The Minister of Telecommunications and Technology, Dr Abdiweli Sheikh Abdallah Sufi Jibril, today issued a ministerial directive regulating the broadcasting of Cable TV broadcasts and at the same time directed Cable TV providers to comply with the rules governing the broadcasting.

The telecommunications and Technology Minister stated that Public Telecommunication Network laws regulating access to digital television shall be implemented.

The press statement issued by the office of the Minister of Communications and Technology reads as follows:

  1. Cable TV service providers are allowed to use a maximum of six (6) UHF channels.
  2. That all companies providing the above service re-apply for the current wave registration permit within three months.
  3. Companies providing the above service must abide by the rules, regulations, and guidelines issued by the ministry regarding the type and capacity of broadcasting equipment and the development of modern technology.
  4. That the ministry and the companies providing the above services should work together for the efficient use of communication waves related to broadcasting service and transmission technology.

The term of this directive will be effective with the next three months.

By Goth Mohamed Goth


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