Somaliland: Heavy Windy Rains Havoc Some Parts of Salahley

The rains damaged the Salahley secondary schoo

THT: Torrential rains that come with strong winds ended with some damages in Salahley district.

Reports say that the torrential rains damaged the administration buildings and houses of civilians but did not cause any casualties.

Marodi Jeh Governor Jama Haji Ahmed said the storms affected areas including the district’s secondary school, primary school, hospital and many public houses as well as the Salahley municipal hall.

The governor of Marodi Jeh region also said that one woman went into a coma after the collapse of the district hospital building, and all the patients in the hospital were evacuated so that they would not be harmed.

The administration of Salahley district for their part said that they will conduct an official census on the damage caused by the storm, which has left a huge impact on the community and the administration.


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