Somaliland: “Even the Blind and Deaf Know the Route Somaliland has Taken” Politician Abdilahi-jawaan


“Everybody of a sane mind is very well acquiesced on the of Somaliland among nations even though it is not recognized internationally as a sovereign nation.

This was elicited during a Bulsho TV interview with Abdilahi Abdi Haji Omar aka Jawaan a prominent Somaliland politician in Hargeisa.

The politician whose remarks were in reaction to recent publication dubbed ‘People’s Declaration released by a group of youthful intellectuals said that the current period was not the apt one for people to query what the republic of Somaliland has achieved in the 29 years since it reclaimed its sovereignty.

In their ‘People’s Declaration the youths who felt let down in various ways especially unemployment, and the enshrined nepotism in the country raised the concerned of the direction the country has taken in three decades.

But according to politician Abdilahi-jawaan the issue of the direction Somaliland has taken in that period is unworthy the intellectuals.

Said he, “The direction set out 29 years ago that is establish a fully-fledged and independent nation recognized as such internationally is still on course”

stating that this mission of recognition has and is still being pursued relentless the politician who acknowledged the right of citizens to offer constructive criticism to their elected officials said “If there are areas we feel the president has failed in or the administration is still lacking in provision opinions and positive suggestions shall be supported”

In his view those complaining about the country’s direction are ignorant and being intellectuals and having observed anomalies like unemployment, equitable distribution of the national cake they should come up with suggestions.

On the issue of employment opportunities a major issue of contention in the country’s civil service Abdilahi-jawaan concurred that positions in the civil service should be publicized and those interested thence a fair recruitment as opposed to prevalent norms.

By: Yusuf M Hasan




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