A High Level Delegation led by the Minister of Transport inspects work on the Road linking Hargeisa, Salahlay and Ina-Guuxa area



Hargeisa- A delegation led by the Minister of Transport and Road Development in the Republic of Somaliland Abdillahi Abokor Osman, inspected construction works on the road connecting Hargeisa, Salahlay to Ina-Guuxa area, which is vital for the country’s development and for the areas of Southern Somaliland.


Eng. Abdirizaq Wiiwaaa and Eng. Dhego-Ade, the officials charged with overseeing the Road constructions works briefing the delegation said that they were pleased that the long and strategic road was nearing completion and they had already the completed the 1 one kilometer inside ina-Guuxa area and that the remaining one 1 kilometer will be completed with the coming two days.


Elders, traditional leaders, and businessperson’s sin the Salahley area thanked the Ministry of Transport and Road Development and the entire Somaliland government for putting in a lot of effort to build the road. They also thanked everyone who participated in the construction of the long-haul road which connects Hargeisa, Salahley, and Ina-Guuxa areas, pointing out that the ongoing construction is in the third phase starting from Qool-Cad settlement to Ina-Guuxa area.


Some of the people who spoke on the scene, also pledged to donate money for the continuation the construction of the road, elders and residents of Salaxlay presented the Minister of Transport with a female camel and her newborn calf as a gift for his efforts in supporting the construction works of the important road.


Hon. Muse  Ibrahim Salef, the deputy minister of finance speaking at the event thanked the minister of transport and road development for his unrelenting efforts.


The governor of Maroodi-Jeh region, Mr. Jama Haji Ahmed, Mr. Ismail Yusuf Shine, the Salaxlay administrator speaking during the occasion said that the road has an historic significance and is well- known in Somaliland and the East African region as a whole, and they noted that significant progress and road construction is part of the visible progress that is taking place in Somaliland, with strong praises and appreciation for the workers and engineers who are involved in building the road.



The deputy minister of interior who was among the members of the government delegation touring the area said more efforts should be asserted so as to completed the construction works and he also thanked all those who contributed in the construction works for the road linking Hargeisa,Salaxlay and Ina-Guuxa.


Also speaking at the venue was the minister of education, Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Diriye( Ahmed Toorno) said, “The road is crucial for the development of the region and the entire Somaliland region,” he said, adding that workers working on the road work more hours for their nation, he said.

Minister of Transport and Road Development Somaliland, Hon.  Abdillahi Osman Abokor, speaking during the occasion expressed his deep gratitude to the committee working on the construction of the monumental road and the entire staff and staff of the ministry who devoted their time to building the road that he noted was important for the development and transportation in Somaliland

“The government collects its revenue from the taxes from citizens, the cigarettes you smoke, the cup of tea you drink, and the food you consume are all taxed. One of the things we have inherited is that some of the systems of governance that have been in place since the time of the British, and since the time of Mohamed Siyad Barre, we think the government is looting from the people and it was true during certain times. “But we need to change such mentality and realize that what we pay in taxes which will in turn ultimately coming back to the public,” he said.

By Goth Mohamed Goth


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