Somaliland: Government confiscates the first 2 Vehicles used to illegal Khat


THT- Hargeisa – A Maroodi Jeh regional court has sentenced today four people accused of importing illegal khat and handed over two vehicles seized to the police force.
Marodi-jeh Court Judge Abdisalam Sheikh Ahmed sentenced four accusers of illegal khat upto three years and six months jail with fine of up to three million each.

Judge Abdisalam said five accusers were brought before the court, who imported the banned khat, four of them were convicted, and remaining man released.
Meanwhile, the police force today burned largest illegal khat illegally smuggled in the country for the third day in a row.

The Operation Commander of Somaliland Police Force Mohamud Duale who spoke to media stated they seized 93 Kg, 214 kh and six sacks, plus nine vehicles were seized in the capital of Hargeisa. Awdal region 200 Kg, Togdheer region 1070 kg, Gebiley region 400 kg, xariirad district 70 kg, Hawd region of 140 kg, all defendants arrested will be brought before the court.


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