Somaliland, Ethiopia to discuss barbaric killings of its citizens by Oromo




Defense minister has sent a message to Somaliland people across the country urging to remain calm and live with peace and harmony with Oromo community in Somaliland. Somaliland’s minister for defense has further called on citizens not put Oromo community in harm’s way as it is not the right thing to do to punish innocent civilians who have  a clear alibi of the recent massacre where Ethiopian Oromo killed 40 Somali people. The minister, Hon. Ahmed Ali Adami has asserted that barbaric killings of Somaliland citizens by Oromo will be discussed by Ethiopia and Somaliland. He called on Somalilanders to observe peace and reiterated that Oromo in Somaliland will not be harmed. The minister has made clear that it raised with the current slays with the Ethiopian consulate in Hargeisa. Speaking on the upcoming presidential elections, the minister has urged citizens to remain vigilant and observe tranquility during  the election. The recent killing of 40 Somali people in the Oromo brought the Khat trade to an abrupt halt.


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