Somaliland:Cirro hosts Luncheon for local Traditional Leaders


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro” , the WADDANI Presidential hopeful on Friday hosted a luncheon  for local traditional leader in Borame town, Awdal region.

The political aspirant meeting with traditional Leaders was to explain their agenda for the people before asking for their votes.

Speaking at the venue, Mr. Cirro said “Traditional leaders play a very important role in our politics and, as you know, they have the support of people living in the country,” he said.

Senior traditional leader, Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir Diriye , speaking during the event said , “I call upon fellow citizens living abroad and inside the country to vote for a person who would promote integrity, righteous and justice.

Another senior traditional leader speaking said,“We call on all Somalilanders not to vote tribe, party or age, but character, vision and strategy on how we will attain the Development Goals,” he said.

The traditional leaders blessed Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro”, the WADDANI Presidential aspirant bid.

Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro” thanked the traditional leaders for their support.


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