Respect our sovereignty and aspirations, President tells the international community


-He announces varios actions to ressetle the displaced and measures to combat future famine

-Millions are fundrased in amajor drive to mark 26th Independence Day

By M. A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud Silanyo has called upon the international community to respect the aspiration of the people of Somaliland who had opted to re-assert their independence way back in 1991.

At the same time the Head of State warned Somalia against interfering in Somaliland internal affairs hence reminded them that this country’s sovereignty was here to stay.

The President gave the sentiments on the 18th May Independence celebrations in which the nation observed the 26th years that the country has remained independent.

He took the chance to announce five major actions that are both expected to resettle the internally displaced persons by the drought and also to combat future famine, if any.

The sentiments that were contained in two separate speeches to mark the occasions were passionate, appealing and quite patriotic.

In a celebration that was converted into a fund-raising fete due to the plight of the people, the Presidential outlined the following actions:-

  • The people should be relocated back to their residences where they were displaced from.
  • Livestock should be re-stocked to those gravely affected.
  • Water wells and dams should be constructed to trap flowing water.
  • Pasture lands should be established which is exclucively range-managed for fodder production.
  • Farmers who can’t afford should get cultivation subsidies.

As he announced this measures, a live fundraising went on at the Presidency, an exercise that was not only done nation-wide but worldwide too by those in the Diaspora.

It is to be noted that the President had announced a downplaying of the normal anniversaries pomp hence directed its funds be used to aid in rehabilitating the IDPs and facilitate their re-settlements.

The President had thus appointed a committee to coordinate for the next 45 days, starting May 18th, fundraising for the cause.

The government had set a minimum target of 10 million US dollars, thanks to unity, which has seen the first day alone 3.1 million dollars realized at the state house function.

The President noted that the GDP was dented since 75 percent of the livestock had perished in a backbone sector that contributes to 39% of the gross national income.

He reiterated his firmness in managing the inflation crisis and gave July 1st as the ultimatum date to have the main electronic cash service dealers base their operations in the local currency.

They failed to do so earlier on the year when they were directed to.

The celerations were held country wide and had cabinet ministers attend the functions at all regional headquaters.


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