President Appoints 18 May Committee


By Goth Mohamed Goth


H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has issued a Presidential Decree No. JSL / M / MG / 241-4751 / 052017, in which he appoints a national committee in charge of 18 May celebration in support of drought affected populace, and the Presidential states as follows:


Purpose: Members of 18th May in support of drought affected people


Ladies and Gentlemen,



As the 26th Anniversary of 18 May National Day commemoration draws near and which is widely commemorated in all regions of the country.

Therefore, it seems to me that in 2017 the situation is different, from the previous year’s celebrations, this due to the ongoing severe drought, and there are many communities of citizens still suffering from the effects of the drought. Therefore;

After Considering; The devastation and death caused by the ongoing severe drought to the wildlife, livestock and human beings alike.

After Acknowledging; Somaliland Community Perceptions, I have decided this year’s National Day, to be a day in support of drought affected people.

When we assessed: The outcome of the meeting of the Council of Ministers no. 219, held on 20/04/2017, the aim was to celebrate the May 18 celebrations to be changed to rescue and support our fellow citizens affected by drought;


We decided;


  1. in commemoration of May 18 in 2017 to be replaced by supporting  fellow citizens affected drought.


  1. I am committed and Emergency Aid for drought victims in the community, and will work the following tasks:


B) Below Collection of funds which will continue until June 26, 2017.

B) Preparation of development projects for the affected population.

C) Planning and distribution projects to compensate for the lack of animals,  destitution and ill drought eliminated.


Therefore, I hope that you are responsible for a great humanitarian and emergency aid will put Somaliland’s drought.


Committee appointed:


To:   Minister of the Presidency                                                                                     Speaker

To:   Minister of Interior                                                         Deputy

To:  Minister of Finance                                                                                                               member

To:  Minister of Civil Aviation                                                                       member

To:  Minister of Religious Affairs                                                                       member

To:  Minister of Information, Culture and Education                                           member

To: Minister of Education and Higher Education                                                         member

To: Mayor of Hargeisa                                                                                                                            member

To:   Mr. Mohamed Shukri Jama (Chamber of Commerce)                                                         member

To: Mr. Jamal Aideed Ibrahim (Chamber of Commerce)                                                                       member

To:   Mr. Mohamud Abdi Jama (SOLJA)                                                                                     member

To:   Mr. Actors Forum (sonsaf)                                                                                     member

To:    Mr. Mohamed Ahmed (sonsaf)                                                                       member

To:     Mr. Omar Osman Miigane (sonyo)                                                                                     member

To:   Mr. Hersi Abdi-Shakur Smooth (sonyo)                                                                                     member

To:  Madam, you Abdirahman Ahmed Nur (sonyo)                                                                       member

To:  Madam, ISMAHAAN Abdi Ali Hassan (Nagaad)                                                                       member

To:  Mustafa Ahmed Hassan(Nagaad)        member                                                                                            To:  Sheikh Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (Drought Committee)                             member

To:  Sheikh Adan Mohamed (Drought Committee)                                                         member

To:  Mr. Abdi Ali Osman (UCID)                                                         member

To:  Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Hassan (UCID)                                                         member

To:    Mr. Jamal Mohamed Hamud (National Party)                                                         member

To:    Dr. Ahmed Buuxane               (National Party)                                                                       member

To:    Sheikh Ali Mohamed Gedi (National Party)                                                                       member


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