NCRF politician calls for President Silanyo Resignation


eng-maxamed-xaashiThe National consultation and rectification forum (NCRF) firebrand politician Mr. Mohammed Hashi Abdi has called for the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silanyo) not to vie for another term in office. He acknowledged that the president had done enough for the country and need not to cling on power further. Mr. Hashi reiterated that the president should not extend his term and instead advised him to pray and retire.

The politician was speaking during an exclusive interview he gave a Horn Cable Television Journalist Mr. Adan Abdi Eidle, this were his sentiments “Mr. President, you always wanted to reach you ambition which was to lead this country, Allah made it possible for you, whatever development agenda you had for this nation some you have accomplished others you have spoilt so there is nothing you can do to rectify the situation. You plan to add more time to your term, I think this is being unreasonable so I request you to pick your mat and start praying retire. You should not be involved in any political campaign”.

Speaking about a movement to introduce federalism in Somaliland by the European Union (EU) and the United Nation he had this to say “We are aware about a ploy by the EU and the UN to try to entice the people of Somaliland to take the federal system of government. This is the not right time to discuss such issues. Somaliland has passed many metamorphosis of conflicts. The people of Somaliland held a referendum and decided that they do not want anything that would dent their aspiration of independence because the country has its own constitution so I think that chapter was closed then. It is a disgrace for the government led by President Silanyo to resurrect an issue which was buried in the grave. President Silanyo attended the London conference. Last Thursday the cabinet decided Somaliland should not participate in those London talks” stated Mr. Hashi.

The NCRF politician concluded the press conference by reminiscing the relationship of the former UN special representative to Somalia Mr. Nicholas Kay “Ambassador Nicholas Kay visited the country then the president spoke to him very nicely, he told him this is not the country which you have been posted you have lost your bearing, you have been sent to our neighbor Somalia so please go there and not come back to us. After a while he came back and was warmly welcomed.

We also have some international organization in Somaliland which use the name of Somalia worse still the parliament consists of 82 MPs plus the senate (Guurti) they are worthless and only know how to extend their term of office and can’t even comply these international organizations to either stay in the country by using the name of Somaliland or leave”. Said Mr. Hashi.



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